Sep. 6th, 2011

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Finally a fandom-related post! :)

Recently I've hit the jackpot of Parker/Alec/Eliot fanfics: the OT3 tag at Archive of Our Own. Reading so many wonderful fanfics there motivated me to activate my own account, and I intend to repost everything I've ever written at AO3 under the many aliases I've used over my 12 years in fandom. Or as much of it as I can find online, given the many HD crashes and utter failure at making back-ups...


I can't thank [personal profile] irrlicht enough for introducing me to Leverage, because on top of being a brilliant show, it stirred my writing muses back to life. I can't express how much I'd missed the feeling of needing to write else I'd burst with the ideas, voices and plots. It's like a part of me that'd been numb for a very long while has suddenly recovered sensitivity, and I can experience the world properly again. *beams*

Without further ado, my newest fic!

Title: On our way to Saturn or Spotless communication (read it at AO3)
Author: [personal profile] culuyetille
Rating: T
Pairing: Parker/Alec/Eliot
Summary: It took Parker two very detailed invitations to get them where they are now.
A/N: ‘Elise’ is my name for Sophie until canon says differently. This is unbeta'ed, all mistakes are on me.
Disclaimer: Don’t own Leverage, am not making any money from this.

On our way to Saturn or Spotless communication )


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