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♥s Ewan

[ profile] ewan_playground really is a brilliant place to be, people are lovely, the atmosphere is fantastic and it caters to my Ewan-needs daily. When I joined in, about a month ago, I had meagre 70 Ewan pics. Today, thanks to the Playground, Eccentricity Online and Ewan McGregor(dot)Net, I'm now at 170. I say that calls for celebrating! :)

First off: check out Moulin Rouge! a recap with screencaps from the film and humorous captions. Made me laugh out loud very, very often :)

Ewan is a really fantastic bloke. He's a fabulously talented actor, he's got his priorities sorted out and well defined and, from what we see in interviews and other whatnot, he seems to be a very nice person, friendly and amusing.

To top it all, he's gorgeous in a knickers-melting, squee-inductive sort of way and, much to our delight, not at all averse to showing off his every inch on screen. He's also amusingly prone to talking about his willy on interviews. I've knicked bits:

Quotes )

Videos )

And now to the main event of this post... a picspam! Posted at [ profile] ewan_playground. NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY, I mean it. There are thirty-seven pictures, and many of them are big.

( Fake Cut to Thirty-Seven Ewan pictures )

PS: The GORDON theory )
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First things first: I've at long last acquired the Edward Scissorhands DVD!!!!! *positively bouncing*

I'm giddy ^___^ I've just updated my SW slash rec post and examination revealed that this far I have recced:

Total count plus the newest jewels )

Still in the fandom, I've taken a little time off from work-work-work to craft some icons. They're quite simple but I like them =]


Four Anakin/Obi-Wan, four Ewan/Hayden )

In addition, I'm writing an Ani/Obi ficlet. It's cute this far, I hope I'll finish soon (though that doesn't seem very likely, what with exams and assignments and all that).

SW luvin'

Aug. 18th, 2005 10:52 pm
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I've basked in SW goodness these past few days, thought I ought to share :)

Before getting started, well, there's this adorable bit of answer for feedback I received today: "thank you for loving my fic!" It made me chuckle. It is so endearingly honest and I guess that's what we all mean when we go fancy 'I'm sooo glad you appreciate my work' about icons/fics/art/whatever. It is good to please people, it is brilliant to have people like something you've done and enjoyed doing. *smiles* team has won one match since we were Toyota Cup champions. That was a month ago; we've had defeats and draws gallore. We're shamefully at the bottom of the national championship and that's... damn. Frustrating. *sighs*

I finally gave in to the E/H love. After months of lurking at [ profile] ewan_hayden reading and gathering information&inspiration, I come about with modest production of my own. I do hope you like it!! First off, icons.


[ + ] NO hotlinking
[ + ] NO editting
[ + ] NO claiming them as your own work
[ + ] Please credit 'lorielen' in the keywords
[ + ] Please comment and let me know which icons you're taking
[ + ] Take as many icons as you like! :)
[ + ] Resources

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the eight icons to IJ.

There's also this little ficlet... unbeta-ed.

Title: Random and vile cosmic disorder (love)
Author: [ profile] lorielen
Pairing: Ewan/Hayden
Rating: PG
Summary: 465 words. and if somebody asks whether he’s trying to quit – because Hayden smokes light crap – he can always tell them to sod off and mind their own effing business and stop prying the fuck into his personal life.
Comments: This was the introduction to a longer piece I’d been entertaining for some time, but since the rest of it seems unwilling to be squeezed out from my mind, I thought I could share this bit ;] If nothing else because I adore [ profile] ewan_hayden *squishes*

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the E/H ficlet to IJ.

** Cross-posted to [ profile] ewan_hayden

And the infalible recs ;]


Fics, art, luff )

That should do it for today. :)
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I've finally taken the time to reshape Kaleidoscope :) I've tried to make navigation easier and to include some information I'd left out of the other website, such as graphic resources, ToU, etc. Clique-ty!!

It's now themed 'pineapples', I quite like the randomness of it ;) Oooh and on smileys, lookit, Caro, I learned how to make a pirate smiley P-) aw isn't he precious??

the lastest on me: films, books, RL and other nonsense )

It's also worth pointing out that [ profile] razzleslash hasn't abandoned Grounded, one of my favourite Viggorli WiPs, with its gripping AU fashioned a la Brave New World (curious? Chapters 1-13 and Chapter 14). That chapters 17 and 18 have just been added to SW Ani/Obi AU fic Division of Forces, which I'm madly in love with. That [ profile] afra_schatz has written the most tender, goofy-grin-inducing Bean/Orli fic ever, Not a Bloody Thing. *huggles* And WELCOME BACK, [ profile] justinetre!! *squishes*

What I'm really-really posting to share, though, are the long-promised Paul Bettany icons. I should dedicate this post for [ profile] no_me_toques and [ profile] dormida; they are two brilliant writers who said they'd stalk my lj for Bettany icons, and omg, that was when I had the Ewan icons posted *blushes* Anyway, here they are!


[ + ] NO hotlinking
[ + ] NO editting
[ + ] NO claiming them as your own work
[ + ] Please credit 'lorielen' in the keywords
[ + ] Please comment and let me know which icons you're taking
[ + ] Take as many icons as you like! :)
[ + ] Resources

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the thirty-one Paul Bettany icons to IJ.

Looking at them, I've realised they've come off somewhat... well, they're quite simple and clean. Also, that I quite like them this way, even though I've got some ideas for more fancy designing... heh, we'll see ;] [ profile] sofiaaifos has posted some very yummy Peter-Peter Colt/Dieter Prohl bases over at [ profile] peter_dieter (Wimbledon slash), so there may be more Paul-flavoured icons coming. =]

Cross-posted to: [ profile] actor__icons, [ profile] dirrty_broccoli


I'm crossing my fingers for you, [ profile] killthwight!!! *huggles*
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*smiles* Today, I come along bearing a few recs... because my f-list has been wonderful like that. There have been the usual additions to the SW slash rec post, if you're a fan, I suggest you stop by. Now I shall squee with artwork and fanfiction of other fandoms. =D

Firstly, I MUST point you to the most gorgeous, tender Orli/Bean drawing EVER. By [ profile] afra_schatz of course *squishes* Caro's talent amazes me more with every new wonderful piece she produces. This one in particular captures a moment of sapiness between the two, making everyone all gushy inside. It's a real treasure.

If you appreciate icons, I suggest you pay a visit to this post. It contains HBP icons in a style I really, really like and pretend to incorporate pieces of. It's all clean and wordsy and beautiful.

I've spent the weekend with [ profile] dead_pen and it seemed enough to drag her back to LJ, whee!! *dances* I really recommend you stop by her journal to check out her most recent brilliant pieces of artwork. For a taste, I'll show you what our demented minds came up with *grins* Tekken-flavoured:

You ain't got a reason to fight? Well I do!! )

Wheee both [ profile] killthwight and [ profile] irrlicht74 are back!! *squishes muchly*

I'll take the opportunity to post my first HBP fic... heavy spoilers in the very first paragraph, so if you haven't finished the book, I suggest you don't read. This one is dedicated to [ profile] justinetre, [ profile] psycho_llama and [ profile] lolita_malfoy, for all three squeed happily with me at the feast of Snape/Draco evidence in HBP. :)

Title: Grip
Author: [ profile] lorielen
Pairing: SS/DM
Rating: PG
Summary: Severus ruminates the events while waiting for the Dark Lord’s summons. He cannot unravel himself from Draco’s company.
AN: Beta-ed by the wonderful [ profile] killthwight. Thanks, dear!

Grip )

Up next: Paul Bettany icons!! =] Teasers:

#19 #28

*waves and goes to bed*
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Shiny new post, so that I can poke people into noticing my shiny new layout with the first header I've ever completed (because I tried before but never liked it enough to go through with it...). It's not perfect but... I like it, I guess. It's all greenish & yellowish, colours for Brazil and my two favourite colours, incidentally. It features Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and lyrics to Speed of Sound by Coldplay, which doesn't really have much to do with anything but has been etched to my mind for days. I like quite a few of the sentences, so ;]

As for the rest of the layout, well, it's very Slytherinish green. I'm still having trouble positioning the content boxes and the f-page is something of a mess, but the colours are mostly settled. May I ask how do you like it?

On another note... I keep babbling about my newfound love for sw_slash. On the past few days I've gathered a few links to material (fanfics, graphics etc) that I love; now is time to share! I have also made a few icons ;] Updated Kaleidoscope today with 55 Keanu+Orli+Obi/Ani icons.

The Obi/Ani ones, in attempts to infect you all into shipping )

Speaking of Kaleidoscope, I've reached the mark of over 300 icons. Reason to celebrate!! =D So the first five people who comment get a set of 5 icons each or a header, at their choice. Subject/theme is open, and you can either provide me the pictures & text you wish to see iconised or trust my taste with pictures ;]

By the way, here it is, [ profile] irrlicht74 *hugs* I hope you like what I've done with your bases&idea:

Now, back to the SW pimping:

Recs. Obi/Any, Ewan/Hayden )

I think this is all *coy smile*
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Hi *hugs*

I've just come from a fabulous extended weekend plus one class-less Monday. *super happy* [ profile] dead_pen came from Bauru. ^_____^ I've stayed over at her home from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning *squishes*, during which we've talked, talked, talked, drawn (she conviced me to and I made the first ever Nightwing I found acceptable) and watched SW III together. Mostly we annoyed the people sitting next to us with a. squealing at Hayden and Ewan and b. she was explaining details and bits of the storyline to very ignorant me. We also started building her an on-line portfolio and among other things she drew this cuuuute, i-Pod-ish Jin Kazama. *luffs*

On the genesis of this post, and a few considerations on Keanu Reeves )

Thinking about the matter while scanning the net for pictures, I realised that what I love about Keanu are his hands, his voice and his eyes. Since he poked my aesthetical sense, thought I should make icons!


(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty-four Keanu Reeves icons to IJ.

Also, recently [ profile] afra_schatz posted some lovely Orli bases. I'd already fallen in love with him all over again during my visit to [ profile] killthwight (I'm still gushing over that pic, dear!), and that post gave me ideas... and ideas became icons... *grins* Because him and Keanu are my two favourite inexpressive handsome men. I hope you like these!


(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty-two Orlando Bloom icons to IJ.

On a different note, so it is that I've gotten myself into yet another cute little slashy pairing (and a new fandom too).

SW_slash. Because. It cannot be avoided ) Keanu's words... "wow". *giggles with [ profile] killthwight* This post is long. But I hadn't posted in ages, so it's ok? *hopes*
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Fandom memes.... I don't think I'll include all of my fandoms, because then it'd get too long. Nicked from practically everyone, but that I can remember, [ profile] soldurios and [ profile] anathdemalfoy.

#1 )

#2 )

Spent practically all of my time awake with [ profile] dead_pen, today. Only fair since a) it's her birthday *squishes* and b) she's leaving town tomorrow and we won't be able to get in touch often. I wish her all the luck and joy in the world. May uni be great fun for her! The new layout I'm sporting features her artwork. I'd expand on just how much I adore this pic and how gorgeous it is, if only it hadn't reduced my brain to "GUH-GAH" mode ;] Go take a peek at the non-edited version here. I shall desperately fangirl her to my last breath.

*smiles* Since I'm at it, what say you to a few recs?

HP, LotR and Vampire Chronicles even )

I've made 13 icons today, featuring Tekken characters Jin, Hwoarang and the yaoi pairing JinxHwoarang. Which I'm thoroughly disappointed on because I can't find any truly good fic on it >.< I wasn't going to post them here, because they're already at [ profile] tekken_yaoi and damn, this entry is long enough as it is, but... I quite like them, and thirteen is a good number. So, here they are =] Teasers:

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the three Devil Jin, two Jin, four Hwoarang and four JinxHwoarang = thirteen Tekken icons to IJ

Yes, #13 is silly. I couldn't help it XD

Sorry about the snail pace at comment-replying, people. I'll see to it tomorrow, promise!

*POKE*Who else has seen The Aviator? Who else has fallen in near-blind worship of the Scorcese-DiCaprio partnership, Blanchett's captivating Kate Hepburn, Beckinsale's amazing Ava, the cuteness of John C. Reilly and, most of all, a man who can actually direct a film, who can make good use of soundtrack, special effects and deliver those incredible, classic takes that remind us of what film-making was supposed to be all about? *sighs in glee* I have yet to watch Million dollar baby but for now my Oscar preferences lie with one Martin Scorcese. And I loved it that he had Jude Law showing up as Errol Flynn. *amused* XD


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