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(This should've been posted yesterday, but I wasn't home. Sorry.)

I think this may very well become a (fantastic) habit: Trish, Lisa and myself are posting another three-way picspam. Whee!! =D

Jude Law - [ profile] angel_of_dublin
Orlando Bloom - [ profile] xr8fordgirl
Viggo Mortensen - [ profile] lorielen

Viggo is a thoroughly fascinating man. He's inteligent without being a snob, he's involved in many forms of artistic expression - poetry, painting, photography. I saw him referred to as Renaissance man once, and it was the perfect description. On top of it, he's crazy and adorable: doesn't take himself or life too seriously, and has a marvellous smile. Want more reasons to fall in love with him?

Well, there's the gorgeous thing, too )

*Image credit goes mostly to [ profile] viggo_daily :)

PS: this is probably more interesting to [ profile] afra_schatz than anyone else, but... I've changed my LJ layout. It's summer here, so it's all bright colours and joie de vivre and, well, Jon Bon Jovi. *grins* Why, you may ask?

Wherein I expand on my JBJ fondness, illustrated )

PS2: Gotta make myself a Vig icon. Preferably to replace my Jared one. Because Jared apparently turned emo. *shudders in horror*
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I know I said I'd be on hiatus, but a promise is a promise ;) 'sides, there's only so much work a girl can do before her mind switches resolutely back to only-Ewan mode.

[ profile] xr8fordgirl, [ profile] angel_of_dublin and myself are proud to present the Triple picspam of über hotness!! *grins*

[ profile] angel_of_dublin : Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
[ profile] lorielen : Ewan McGregor
[ profile] xr8fordgirl : Hayden Christensen

Choosing among Ewan pictures is always a difficult task. There are so many, and they're all so pretty *gets distracted*

So, I decided to go with the 'sexy' theme to narrow the choices down... still had an incredibly vast number to select from, though. There's so much sexaaay in the man, it's a killer. How about you ladies help me pick out his best features?

What's sexy about Ew? )

Just for the record, nope, I don't really need a functional brain. *.*
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Good morning!!! *huggles*

It's a beautiful day here and I feel perfectly happy. Thought I could share the love ;)

Lots and lots of my fav pics )

And, because I've saved my 200th Ewan pic this week, here goes a smoking!special:

Warning: might provoke ovaries explosion )

Have a great day!! :)

EDIT: chatting with [ profile] killthwight, we've realised that there's urgent need of a list of films on which our fav actors show off their glorious nudity. I'll get the ball rolling, please do comment with any pointers you have, specifying if it's
a. bare-chest,
b. bared arse, or
c. the full monty.
Consider that category c comprehends the other two.

I'd be most grateful if you'd spam the idea around and direct people here, too. Pervy fangirls, unite! ;]

The Gloriously Nekkid Actors rec-list )

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♥s Ewan

[ profile] ewan_playground really is a brilliant place to be, people are lovely, the atmosphere is fantastic and it caters to my Ewan-needs daily. When I joined in, about a month ago, I had meagre 70 Ewan pics. Today, thanks to the Playground, Eccentricity Online and Ewan McGregor(dot)Net, I'm now at 170. I say that calls for celebrating! :)

First off: check out Moulin Rouge! a recap with screencaps from the film and humorous captions. Made me laugh out loud very, very often :)

Ewan is a really fantastic bloke. He's a fabulously talented actor, he's got his priorities sorted out and well defined and, from what we see in interviews and other whatnot, he seems to be a very nice person, friendly and amusing.

To top it all, he's gorgeous in a knickers-melting, squee-inductive sort of way and, much to our delight, not at all averse to showing off his every inch on screen. He's also amusingly prone to talking about his willy on interviews. I've knicked bits:

Quotes )

Videos )

And now to the main event of this post... a picspam! Posted at [ profile] ewan_playground. NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY, I mean it. There are thirty-seven pictures, and many of them are big.

( Fake Cut to Thirty-Seven Ewan pictures )

PS: The GORDON theory )


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