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These are for [ profile] xbloodsugarx. I haven't written Malfoycest in a long time, but these raw pieces of artwork (NOT WORKSAFE) were very inspiring. :] I offered Lo to write a drabble for each, and she prompted me. I'm sorry it's taken me so damnably long, dear, and I hope you like them!! *squishes*

Title: I spread your legs, like the wings of a butterfly
Author: Lorielen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lucius Malfoy/Draco Malfoy
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Incest
Word count: 100
Note: for [ profile] xbloodsugarx, for drawing so beautifully and reigniting the love of Malfoycest in me.

I spread your legs, like the wings of a butterfly )

* *

Title: Crimson
Author: Lorielen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Lucius Malfoy/Draco Malfoy
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Incest
Word count: 100

Crimson )

* *
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The fic:

Title: Pretty in pink )

Categories: it’s PWP… could be labelled Romance, Drama, bits of Humour, too.
Pairing: Draco/Lucius
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Neither Lucius nor Draco can endure abstinence from Christmas to June. And none of them cares to bed another that not their respective choice, Malfoy lovers.

Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, just a Draco muse who demands attention (and smut) all too often.
Warnings: Graphic sex, underage sex, incest, narcissism, cross-dressing, unhealthy symbiosis.
AN: It’s been almost six months since the last of my D/Ls… I’d started several fics with the pairing but never sat down and wrote any of them. Today I did. Hope the result is pleasant.


Also, took the HP Ship Meme, that I saw at [ profile] anathdemalfoy's journal and she gacked from [ profile] theladyfeylene.

Behind the cut; I'm becoming obsessed with those... )

I'm incredibly tired. But promised to self that I'd get this fic done today and, here it is, even if today did turn out to be tomorrow because it's so damn late.
Never mind my bitchiness; it's just that my stupid hormones decided to make their party a week earlier than it was expected. Ah, but they do have their reasons: it's the graduation prom tomorrow and my dress is white. Now isn't that lovely. -_-*
Got decent studying done today, Geography and Grammar. Also, took my doggie for a walk. She's so cute!! ^^
She was afraid of the buses, but wanted to play with every passerby. A tad unnerving if you're grumpy like me, but endearing to all normal people.

Last night I watched this amusing German comedy, What to do in case of fire? (Was tun wenn's brent?). I loved it. It's different from the usual film, and maybe it's my crazed mind, but I couldn't stop thinking that German is similar to French, at times. Here, peek at its cover/poster.

I'll tell you some about it, if you like )

FIC: Slit

Aug. 1st, 2003 06:58 pm
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Just... ignore my groundless angst, ok?

Slit )
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This fic isn't new; actually it was ready on the 2nd. I didn't have the time to post it until today. Here it is =)
There's a lot to this fic, actually. It came from a Role Playing session concerning Aimee's Luc and my Draco. And my Draco is much too spoiled to deal nicely with finding out that his feelings for Luc weren't returned in the way he wanted them to. He did a lot he normally wouldn't, from crying to screaming at his Father, accusing him of being a bad parent, hitting him, trying to remove his memory, going temporarily insane. (note: none of this isn't but mentioned in the fic; it belongs to the RP session and unfortunately neither I nor Aimee saved the whole of it so it cannot be shown to you)
To sum it up, his mind was wrecked. And maybe because he's my main Muse and the one I relate to most often, so was mine. During two hellish days he spoke into my mind nearly non-stop, moping and bitching. I wrote it all down and.. well, here it is.

Acknowledging )


Jun. 15th, 2003 09:50 pm
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Before I post my latest D/L, I must comment on something: my team has won a match!!!!!! *cheers* 2x1 against a darned rival. *oh my cousins will hear SO much about it!*
This might seem irrelevant, but it isn't for me, hopeless soccer fan that I am. My poor team was ripped of its two biggest stars, what with the Cup of Confederations and all that. I'll stop ranting, but not before you take a look at the logo:

White, Red and Black. Yes, Voldie's colours (two of them). Yes, Harley Quinn's colours. Yes, pure coincidence, all three. My love for the Joker and Voldie alike found their expression in picking Harley's picture to represent me. That, and she's like me in many ways. Permanently grinning, owner of a twisted logic and always willing to defend psychopaths and explain why is it that they deserve everyone's undying devotion. =)
And ain't he deserving of some well-placed kisses?

Enough. Time for fanfiction =)

In-Between )


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