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Today I sat down and typed up most of my SW scribblings. I found some E/H things quite old and that I really like; I've also decided to group all the 'small ideas' under a single series of drabbles/ficlets rather than trying to have them fit together for a longer fic. I'll leave that to the Ani/Obi bits ;) So after some polishing, I have something to present:

The first one is part of Random and vile cosmic disorder (love), the part I of which can be found here.

Title: As much normalcy as he could carefully craft
Author: [ profile] lorielen
Pairing: Ewan/Hayden
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 396 words. ...only so many evenings of mentoring and ‘real beer’ coaching and over-pint confessions until the slow costar-friend transition is completed and Hayden Christensen is effectively a part of one’s life. Ewan’s started to catch himself storing tales and jokes to share with him, and what is he, fucking sixteen years old?

b) As much normalcy as he could carefully craft )

The second one is the beginning of a series made of first-timers and entitled A handful of ways in which it didn’t happen. Here's hope you like it :)

Title: Treasure
Author: [ profile] lorielen
Pairing: Ewan/Hayden
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 875 words. It was a Monday afternoon and Ewan had simply called and started going on about tourism or other whatnot, and they had yet to have a proper conversation after that premiere and Hayden spent so long thinking about what was certainly a casual kiss that it was bordering on obsession, really

I - Treasure )

**cross-posted to: [ profile] ewan_hayden.

=] I'll also link to a Obi/Ani drabble I've posted recently at [ profile] ewan_hayden but not at my LJ.

Pairing: Obi-Wan/Anakin
Rating: PG
Word count: 285

( fake cut )


PS: NIN concert, and I'll also see Iggy Pop & the Stooges and Sonic Youth. Whee!!!!
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First things first: I've at long last acquired the Edward Scissorhands DVD!!!!! *positively bouncing*

I'm giddy ^___^ I've just updated my SW slash rec post and examination revealed that this far I have recced:

Total count plus the newest jewels )

Still in the fandom, I've taken a little time off from work-work-work to craft some icons. They're quite simple but I like them =]


Four Anakin/Obi-Wan, four Ewan/Hayden )

In addition, I'm writing an Ani/Obi ficlet. It's cute this far, I hope I'll finish soon (though that doesn't seem very likely, what with exams and assignments and all that).
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Today I had iconing urges. It started as making gifts for dearest [ profile] afra_schatz, who asked for 'mood' icons, then I just couldn't stop. Also there were some unposted icons lying around in my PB account, so today's the day!

Must credit Full of Beans for the Beanie pics, and because Google is shite when it comes to Viggo pictures, it's absolutely imperative that I thank [ profile] justinetre *squishes* Such wonderful taste, dear! *hugs*

And now, to the icons!

[01] Hayden Christensen
[06] Jared Leto
[06] Helena Bonham-Carter
[01] Viggorli
[01] Orlando Bloom
[01] Keanu Reeves
[01] Colin Firth
[06] Sean Bean
[01] Orlibean
[06] Viggo Mortensen
[01] Ewan McGregor


(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the thirty-two icons to IJ.

cross-posted to: [ profile] actor__icons
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I've finally taken the time to reshape Kaleidoscope :) I've tried to make navigation easier and to include some information I'd left out of the other website, such as graphic resources, ToU, etc. Clique-ty!!

It's now themed 'pineapples', I quite like the randomness of it ;) Oooh and on smileys, lookit, Caro, I learned how to make a pirate smiley P-) aw isn't he precious??

the lastest on me: films, books, RL and other nonsense )

It's also worth pointing out that [ profile] razzleslash hasn't abandoned Grounded, one of my favourite Viggorli WiPs, with its gripping AU fashioned a la Brave New World (curious? Chapters 1-13 and Chapter 14). That chapters 17 and 18 have just been added to SW Ani/Obi AU fic Division of Forces, which I'm madly in love with. That [ profile] afra_schatz has written the most tender, goofy-grin-inducing Bean/Orli fic ever, Not a Bloody Thing. *huggles* And WELCOME BACK, [ profile] justinetre!! *squishes*

What I'm really-really posting to share, though, are the long-promised Paul Bettany icons. I should dedicate this post for [ profile] no_me_toques and [ profile] dormida; they are two brilliant writers who said they'd stalk my lj for Bettany icons, and omg, that was when I had the Ewan icons posted *blushes* Anyway, here they are!


[ + ] NO hotlinking
[ + ] NO editting
[ + ] NO claiming them as your own work
[ + ] Please credit 'lorielen' in the keywords
[ + ] Please comment and let me know which icons you're taking
[ + ] Take as many icons as you like! :)
[ + ] Resources

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the thirty-one Paul Bettany icons to IJ.

Looking at them, I've realised they've come off somewhat... well, they're quite simple and clean. Also, that I quite like them this way, even though I've got some ideas for more fancy designing... heh, we'll see ;] [ profile] sofiaaifos has posted some very yummy Peter-Peter Colt/Dieter Prohl bases over at [ profile] peter_dieter (Wimbledon slash), so there may be more Paul-flavoured icons coming. =]

Cross-posted to: [ profile] actor__icons, [ profile] dirrty_broccoli


I'm crossing my fingers for you, [ profile] killthwight!!! *huggles*

Ewan Icons

Jul. 2nd, 2005 10:08 pm
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</ EDIT>


holidays indeed!! And what better way to start than with Ewan McGregor? I tried to go back a few stages on this icon-batch. "The simpler, the better" is what I went for. It was a tad difficult to combine that with my newly acquired PS skills, but overall I think I did quite well. [ profile] ewan_hayden and [ profile] actor__icons alike were very inspiring. Ewan is adorable and it was wonderful working with him ^____^ I've got Paul Bettany signed on for my next male-to-iconise, but I think I should do a female in-between. Any suggestions? Angie Jolie caught my eye lately. I've only just realised she'd be the purrfect casting for Catwoman.

Now, with the icons! Teasers:

Terms of Use: (because it's being coss-posted and not everyone knows me...)

[ + ] NO hotlinking
[ + ] NO editting
[ + ] NO claiming them as your own work
[ + ] Please credit 'lorielen' in the keywords
[ + ] Please comment and let me know which icons you're taking
[ + ] Take as many icons as you like! :)
[ + ] Resources

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the thirty-six Ewan McGregor icons to IJ.

Cross-posted: [ profile] ewan_hayden, [ profile] actor__icons, my own journal.

PS: on Live 8 )
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Hi *hugs*

I've just come from a fabulous extended weekend plus one class-less Monday. *super happy* [ profile] dead_pen came from Bauru. ^_____^ I've stayed over at her home from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning *squishes*, during which we've talked, talked, talked, drawn (she conviced me to and I made the first ever Nightwing I found acceptable) and watched SW III together. Mostly we annoyed the people sitting next to us with a. squealing at Hayden and Ewan and b. she was explaining details and bits of the storyline to very ignorant me. We also started building her an on-line portfolio and among other things she drew this cuuuute, i-Pod-ish Jin Kazama. *luffs*

On the genesis of this post, and a few considerations on Keanu Reeves )

Thinking about the matter while scanning the net for pictures, I realised that what I love about Keanu are his hands, his voice and his eyes. Since he poked my aesthetical sense, thought I should make icons!


(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty-four Keanu Reeves icons to IJ.

Also, recently [ profile] afra_schatz posted some lovely Orli bases. I'd already fallen in love with him all over again during my visit to [ profile] killthwight (I'm still gushing over that pic, dear!), and that post gave me ideas... and ideas became icons... *grins* Because him and Keanu are my two favourite inexpressive handsome men. I hope you like these!


(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty-two Orlando Bloom icons to IJ.

On a different note, so it is that I've gotten myself into yet another cute little slashy pairing (and a new fandom too).

SW_slash. Because. It cannot be avoided ) Keanu's words... "wow". *giggles with [ profile] killthwight* This post is long. But I hadn't posted in ages, so it's ok? *hopes*
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Hullo ^___^ Most of the material on this post concerns

Today's been by far too lazy.. (so much more than it should have, considering I have this huge frightening test on Tuesday >.< ) Among other things, I've tried [ profile] killthwight's patience *winks* and made the latest half of my batch of Nicole Kidman icons. I own the idea entirely to Lilith, who pointed me to a collage featuring Nic a few days ago. I started looking up pics, and if we're lucky enough, [ profile] killthwight will be making Kidman icons too!!

EDIT: Check out Lilith's Pride and Prejudice icons. I can't find the right words to thank her for gifting me with the brilliant book, and she's outdone herself with the new layout and this fabulously clever, witty and artsy set of icons!

I really admire this woman. She's a brilliant actress who possesses talent and beauty to measure, and, what's more admirable, discerniment. I know not much of her personal life, but from the roles she accepts and the way she chooses to go about them, it becomes rather obvious that Nicole is a very intelligent woman who dares to investigate the human soul, alternating instigating films with the good ol' romantic heroine parts. Birth (2004), Dogville (2003), Cold Mountain (2003), Birthday Girl (2002), Moulin Rouge (2000) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999) are among some of my favourites. I didn't quite get The Human Stain, and am too chicken to watch The Hours, as it is. But I think I can safely vouch for Nicole Kidman's work.

As on my latest icon-batches, I've tried to use mostly pictures from magazines and photoshoots. There are lots of Vogue, Vanity Fair and even some Rolling Stone pictures behind the bases. Differently from the people I've last iconised, Nicole isn't anything approaching sporty (appearance, not personality-wise; I wouldn't know). Her beauty is rather old-fashioned, somewhat resembling of Jodie Foster at times. She looks very aristocratic and elegant. Contrary to my previous works, too, she wasn't in the least bit easy to iconise. I struggled with nearly all pictures until I could draw a significant message from them. I hope you enjoy these. =] Teasers:

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty-eight Nicole Kidman icons to IJ.

If you'd like to use any of these icons, go right ahead! Just please
- save them to your own server
- comment here and let me know which ones you're taking
- credit 'lorielen' in the keywords

- - * - -
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...I don't even like blondes that much.

Draco: *scowls*

-_-;; Anyhow... I thought I should keep you informed about the latest additions to Kaleidoscope *grins*

EDIT Now that I'm cross-posting to comms, better add in the Terms of Use: Like my icons? They're free for taking! Just please drop a comment telling me which icon you'll snag, and please do credit [ profile] lorielen in the keywords. Thank you.

Firstly, the famous batch of Brad Pitt icons I made, erm, three weeks ago? *blushes*

EDIT - teasers:

A small explanation is needed for these. It's not like I haven't worked with the man before - I'm very familiar with his talent. This time, however, I sought pictures taken for magazines, advertisements or photoshoots, so as not to deal with Pitt in-character but rather with what experient and skilled photographers can make of his beauty. Brad isn't the popular angel-faced; even though he is blond, baby-blue-eyed, pouty-lipped etc etc, there's a definitely manly quality in him. He is incredibly expressive and can incorporate sofistication like few others, it was a real delight staring at pictures of him until they screamed something. =]

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty Brad Pitt icons to IJ.

Recently, there has been much posting of Peta Wilson pictures at [ profile] lfn_fans. I've taken the oportunity and my liking for Peta to search the web for fine pitures of her - same as Brad, I preferred non-acting pictures. Here's the result...

EDIT - teasers:

Peta has a very peculiar beauty. She's almost masculine in many ways, and quite a few photographers seem to have noticed/enjoyed that; some of the poses they have her strike... Might be something to do with her voice too, she's a deep-voiced lady who exhaless bossy-ness. She started her carreer as a model but doesn't do bad at acting. She has a really picture-esque figure, especially for Vogue, Vanity Fair and other magazines of the kind. Au natural she is sometimes quite goofy, but when properly directed, she can be so beautiful. Here's hope these icons and the picspam I'm planning will add to the Peta-loving among my friends ;]

(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the twenty-two Peta Wilson icons to IJ.

Cross-posted to: [ profile] lfn_fans and [ profile] pitt_daily

I guess this is it from me, for today. *winks*

I need to thank

- [ profile] killthwight for her latest package, which included a copy of Pride and Prejudice. There's no saying how much I'm dearly loving the book. Thank you so very very much, darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel very flattered that you should share with me something so dear and special to you. Auden's style is fabulous, she says so much without actually writing too much and she's such a fine student of the human character. *sighs in glee*
- [ profile] justinetre for her latest two packages, full of love and the most adorable presents *squishes* I've misplaced my digicam, but as soon as I find it I shall do a photo-session with your most recent gift. I love it to pieces and I can't stop beaming at it. You're too cute to be true.

*huggles lovely, lovely f-list!*
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I've finally taken an afternoon to do what I've been dragging for months... Travis Fimmel icons with the wonderful bases by [ profile] star_dragon. A grand total of 18 icons, I'm quite proud, actually. *smiles*


(25/out/07)EDIT: because I no longer trust LJ with my material, I've moved the eighteen Travis Fimmel icons to IJ.

I also want to thank [ profile] justinetre and [ profile] ldybastet for helping me give medical attention to a Malfoycest bunny that had been starving on my mind for almost an year. Justin dearie petted it, LdyBastet brought it some carrots and I think it'll grow healthily into a multi-chaptered. I hope. *winks*


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