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(nonsense, nonsense, she said to herself, more and more gently)

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Birthdate:Jun 19
Deeply in love with books, coffee, music, comics, painting, films, cats, audiobooks, tv shows, fanfiction.

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anakin skywalker, aragorn, art, batman, batman/nightwing, beatles, benny & joon, black and white film, bon jovi, books, boromir, brad pitt, brazilian literature, brian slade, caffeine, calvin and hobbes, captain jack harkness, captain jack sparrow, captain john hart, cats, catwoman, christian bale, cinema, coffee, comic books, cookies, curt wild, curt wild/brian slade, darth vader, david tennant, day-dreaming, design, doctor who, drawing, dreams, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, elves, elvis presley, ewan mcgregor, ewan/hayden, fan fiction, fanfiction, fight club, films, foreign cinema, fringe, gondor, greek mythology, harley quinn, harry potter, house/wilson, j. r. r. tolkien, jack harkness/john hart, james wilson, jane austen, janis joplin, john hart/jack harkness, johnny depp, joker, jon bon jovi, keira knightley, les miserables, lestat, leverage, liam neeson, literary theory, literature, london, lord of the rings, lotr, lotrips, louis/lestat, marisa monte, martin scorcese, matrix, minas tirith, moulin rouge, movies, music, mwahaha!, nicole kidman, nightwing, nine inch nails, norah jones, obi-wan kenobi, obi-wan/anakin, olivia dunham, parker/hardison, parker/hardison/eliot, peter bishop, peter/olivia, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, potc, reading, reading the book, reviewing movies, roland barthes, rps, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, scrubs, semiotics, slash, slash fanfiction, sleeping, stanley kubrick, star wars, tea, the beatles, the big bang theory, the hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy, the rolling stones, tim burton, tim maia, velvet goldmine, viggo mortensen, walter bishop, writing
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