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(This should've been posted yesterday, but I wasn't home. Sorry.)

I think this may very well become a (fantastic) habit: Trish, Lisa and myself are posting another three-way picspam. Whee!! =D

Jude Law - [ profile] angel_of_dublin
Orlando Bloom - [ profile] xr8fordgirl
Viggo Mortensen - [ profile] lorielen

Viggo is a thoroughly fascinating man. He's inteligent without being a snob, he's involved in many forms of artistic expression - poetry, painting, photography. I saw him referred to as Renaissance man once, and it was the perfect description. On top of it, he's crazy and adorable: doesn't take himself or life too seriously, and has a marvellous smile. Want more reasons to fall in love with him?

Well, there's the gorgeous thing, too ;)

I'm not sure where this pic was taken, but it looks a lot like Copenhagen. I love how the sun licks his hair and makes all of him glow golden :)

One of my all-time-favourite Vig pictures. Classy, timeless, inviting, mysterious and just so blue (yeah, that's a positive thing!)

Barefoot-with-suit! Gets me every time.

Doesn't he look dashing in his tux? The bowtie is so charming *adjusts it for him*

...did anyone else go "omg pornstache" in a loud voice?

Fabulous smile =D

Beanie says he wants really hot, loving sex. Vig says "yessir".

I don't know what's funnier, his smile or his t-shirt.

And look, there's even more of Vig being crazy:

There's just so much cian in Aragorn, makes his eyes even bluer.

The only b&w (...well, sepia, but still) in the picspam. This one really makes me want to nip at his bottom lip.

My personal favourite. Maybe it's the cross-dressing, maybe it's the pink, or just his cheekbones.

*Image credit goes mostly to [ profile] viggo_daily :)

PS: this is probably more interesting to [ profile] afra_schatz than anyone else, but... I've changed my LJ layout. It's summer here, so it's all bright colours and joie de vivre and, well, Jon Bon Jovi. *grins* Why, you may ask?

There's not much to say, really, because I'm not sure how to explain liking someone. All I can say is that the music lifts my spirits, especially the ones with feel-good beat & lyrics. I mean,

"I'm feeling like a Monday, but someday I'll be Saturday night"

;] Brilliant, huh? It saved my life last week, when I was buried to my ears in schoolwork. This song makes me smile and makes me feel really hopeful.

Too bad I was in diapers during the tidbit of the 80's that I got... darn, I really would've enjoyed the whole "who needs a fashion sense when we've got animal-fur patterns & bizarre colours?" vibe. =]

Yes, I'm being literal. and did you stare at the bulge too, or am I the only one pervy enough to look away from that intense PINK top?

As though making me smile weren't a good enough reason to win my fondness, Jon actually sang a tidbit of a cover cover of my all-time-favourite Elvis song. *.*

I think I'll picspam JBJ next, listing my favourite things about him. :)

PS2: Gotta make myself a Vig icon. Preferably to replace my Jared one. Because Jared apparently turned emo. *shudders in horror*
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