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I know I said I'd be on hiatus, but a promise is a promise ;) 'sides, there's only so much work a girl can do before her mind switches resolutely back to only-Ewan mode.

[ profile] xr8fordgirl, [ profile] angel_of_dublin and myself are proud to present the Triple picspam of über hotness!! *grins*

[ profile] angel_of_dublin : Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
[ profile] lorielen : Ewan McGregor
[ profile] xr8fordgirl : Hayden Christensen

Choosing among Ewan pictures is always a difficult task. There are so many, and they're all so pretty *gets distracted*

So, I decided to go with the 'sexy' theme to narrow the choices down... still had an incredibly vast number to select from, though. There's so much sexaaay in the man, it's a killer. How about you ladies help me pick out his best features?

What's sexy about Ewan?

My first answer would be 'every hair in his head'. And there are so many variations of it!

* Buzz-cut:

(Doesn't he look manly-man on this one, with the bike, the fag and the booze?)

* Longish-hair

* Fully long, bleached hair


* Sideburns

All manner of facial hair, really,

from stubble,

to full-grown "am trying to get my Padawan to respect me even though he's taller than me by a few good inches" Obi-Wanish beard.

What else do I dig about Ew?

How he's no stranger to make-up:

The way he's gorgeous no matter if he's dressed up in a fancy suit & bow-tie,

or displaying his chest,

(I doesn't get much hotter than Ewan in a towel *.*)

or his legs, by wearing a pure!Scot!kilt,

(He looks a bit dirty on this one... who volunteers to scrub him?)

or deliciously tight (silvery leather!) trousers,

That also let us have a nice preview of the outlines of his ass. To our delight, Ewan isn't afraid to show off his, well, everything.

But, back to his fashion habits...

Thick-rimmed glasses are stylish, specially if that fabulous smile comes with.

His motorbike fancy gives ample opportunity for leather jackets and much grinning:

And, speaking of Ew's addictions, there's of course the smoking, which is bad for his health and even worse for my self-control... must. not. lick. screen.

Leather + fag + sexy stare = whoa.

And, of course, there's always...


Did I mention tongue?

Free Image Hosting at

However, I'm really partial to his brilliant smile.

Free Image Hosting at

Just for the record, nope, I don't really need a functional brain. *.*
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