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Aaaaand this week, as a special treat, there was actually some plot. :D Great songs & performances too!

This week's plot was brilliant! Well, I guess I'd say that about pretty much any Kurt-centric ep, still this was special. I like Blaine already, and can't wait to see Kurt rock capella at the other school - I have a feeling he might go there, if only for a while. He needs some serious empowerment. (My, that confused jock was a surprise to me. Poor Kurt.)

The coach-Beist plot actually made me like Will a little bit once again. I hope we'll see more of her. She's a very interesting character.

Puck, Artie, Britney and Santana are a dream team :) I wish we could've seen more of their conversation. I'd also love it if they did a flashback to Sue's high school years. *sighs dreamily*

I'd like to take this opportunity to defend Rachel. I know many people don't like her, and I do get annoyed too sometimes, but I think she's a great character and Lea Michelle is a good actress and fantastic singer. I guess that mostly what I like about her is that she will GO for her dreams, be they dating Finn or becoming a star (of course she overdoes it over and over again). I also think that she and Finn are very good for each other - I don't think that before him she'd have agreed to just sit quietly in the back of a meeting planning a number, just for the sake of giving it a try. She also encouraged him to feel hot in his doughy body - which I totally relate to, because I do it to my boyfriend every week *g* Seriously though, I think her heart is in the right place and as long as she doesn't hog too much screentime, she's among my favourite characters.

Also, the ladies in black leather singing Bon Jovi/Rolling Stones was very hot, yum.

P.S.: dear Fringe writers: please stop calling us stupid and laying out Olivia's thought process (in reference to Fringe 3x05). Thank you.


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